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Frequently Asked Questions

​Answers to questions we are often asked.

Q: What is the departure time?

A: We have both morning and afternoon trips but the exact time of departure often depends on weather and tides so it is imperative the client call or stop by our cabin the day before the trip.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: There are two options:
1. Book now and pay in full through Fareharbor.
2. Call and speak to us at 907-435-1111 .

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: Deposit is 100% refundable with a 14 day cancellation notice, within 14 days 50% will be refunded, and the deposit is also 100% refundable if the trip is cancelled due to weather at the pilot's discretion.

Q: Is gear provided?

A: We have waders and hip boots in stock – check size upon booking. We will also provide you with our recommended list of “what to bring”.

Q: How physically fit do I need to be?

A: For bear viewing  you must be fit enough to walk at least 2 miles over uneven terrain.  Appropriate footwear is required - hiking sneakers or hiking boots.  We provide rubber boots for crossing shallow streams.  The required fitness level for fishing trips is destination dependent   

Q:What if our trip is canceled due to weather?

A: Weather cancellations are 100% up to the pilot's discretion.  If poor weather prevents us from flying, you will receive a full refund.

Often weather systems are localized, and an alternative destination can be substituted in lieu of a refund at your option.  

Be Prepared!

Any time you fly in the bush, you have to be prepared to stay longer than expected due to weather or mechanical problems.  We carry a satellite phone, emergency beacons, and survival gear on all trips.  We have never had an occasion to use them, but are always prepared.  If you take medications, bring several days worth with you on the trip.  

Travel Light!

The weight limits set for our trips are for the safety of everyone on board.  We recommend that you bring a small knapsack to carry your lunch, camera, medication if needed, and some light rain gear.  Leave everything else behind!